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Discussions regarding beekeeping best management practices with an emphasis on varroa.

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Friday Jan 17, 2020

Ag Economist Dr. Wally Thurman went looking for effects of Colony Collapse Disorder in the market place after it's onset in the bee season of 2006-2007.  He looked at pollination prices, bee prices, and other indicators in the market that one might expect to see during a crisis.  Join me today as we discover and discuss what he found.

Friday Jan 03, 2020

Jim Masucci penned a fantastic article in the December 2019 American Bee Journal entitled "Managing Varroa Mites: Lessons Learned from Large Scale Honey Bee Field Trials". Join as we take a deep dive in to his work. 

Friday Dec 20, 2019

Dr. Lee's long-term goal is to conduct research that generates practical information for beekeepers.  In today's episode we discuss some of her work from 2010 and more recently that does just that.

Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

We talk mites, monitoring, late season infestation, and nutrition.

Tuesday Dec 03, 2019

Dr. Ellis discusses the doom and gloom surrounding bees in the media and the things we can do to improve bee health.  Visit The University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab. Support the lab by donating.

Tuesday Nov 26, 2019

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